Becca Perata
Vox Populi -> Noun (ˈväks-ˈpä-pyü-ˌlī): Latin.
The opinions or beliefs of the majority, "the people's voice"


We specialize in public relations, public affairs and corporate communications
Vox Populi is committed to affecting social change through media relations, community engagement and organizing, and government relations.

Since 2001, Vox Populi has generated results-driven campaigns for our clients. Our work includes projects that seek to ensure fair housing, reliable infrastructure, equitable education, affordable and accessible healthcare, and clean, green energy. We believe that communication is an essential part of any business strategy and, when used effectively, can preserve and enhance reputations, smoothly navigate crises, and build consensus. Over two decades we have worked to create advocacy, drive awareness and contribute to critical initiatives and causes impacting Bay Area communities.
  • We help clients react swiftly to changing political climates
    and shifting public opinion.
  • Vox Populi will help you raise awareness, manage issues, or pre-empt crisis.
  • Vox Populi serves as a strategic advisor for the planning and execution of corporate communications campaigns.
Vox Populi founder, Becca Perata, chairs the Alameda Chamber’s Economic & Government Affairs Committee


  • Aramis Renewable Energy Project
    Intersect Power, LLC presented Alameda County with a proposal to construct a 400-acre clean energy solar generation and storage project in unincorporated North Livermore. Vox Populi was retained to launch the community and government relations program for the Aramis Renewable Energy Project in February 2020 and by March had to shift to an online strategy due to the Covid-19 pandemic. After a year of orchestrating Zoom meetings with stakeholders, we helped build a coalition of support that included the Sierra Club, Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce, Innovation Tri-Valley, and five Alameda County labor union crafts. This broad coalition advocated for a plan that will bring 100 megawatts of clean, local power to the Bay Area, offsetting 188,000 metric tons of CO2. Following a successful approval hearing in November 2020, the project was heard on appeal at the Alameda County Board of Supervisors in March 2021. A seven-hour Zoom hearing, including public testimony heavily weighted in support of the project, culminated in the Board of Supervisors' unanimous approval of the Aramis solar project. Construction is anticipated in 2022.
  • Alameda Meals on Wheels
    Vox Populi works pro bono to assist non-profit organizations in the Bay Area in supporting seniors, veterans and the disabled, the arts community, and animal rescue and adoption.

    The global Covid-19 pandemic hit all communities hard, especially our seniors, veterans, and disabled neighbors who are not able to grocery shop or make their own meals. We helped Alameda Meals on Wheels (AMOW) pivot from their largest live fundraising event to an online donation drive. Collaborating with our partner, Advocacy.marketing, we told the story of how the program’s tireless volunteers continued to serve fresh, hot meals daily to hundreds of homebound residents in the city of Alameda. The 2020 shelter in place order gave new meaning to “homebound", but AMOW did not miss a beat to ensure its growing list of recipients would not go hungry!

    Vox Populi and Advocacy.marketing developed the “AMOW 2020-21 COVID-19 Emergency Drive,” a direct email and social media campaign, using video vignettes of our volunteers in action, and interviews with select recipients in their homes. As a result of the overwhelming community response, the program was able to deliver a record of more than 50,000 hot meals in 2020.

    With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the organization had to cancel its popular Annual Community Faire and Wine Tasting Fundraiser for the second year in a row and Vox Populi continues to refresh their online call for contributions.
  • Alameda Marina Master Plan
    Getting a development project approved in California can be an arduous, difficult process. In making their case before the planning board or city council, builders must respond to misstatements, half-truths and downright fabrications--often at the last minute. For our client, Alameda Marina Development Partners, we wanted to evolve an exercise dominated by confusion and misinformation into a fact-based, transparent process. To achieve this, Vox Populi transformed an under-utilized and often un-read document, The Master Plan, into a centerpiece for communicating the project benefits. Vox Populi worked with our partner, Advocacy.marketing, to grow a coalition using social media and email marketing. We recorded a series of testimonials by local project supporters who cited facts about the project from the master planning document and used them in boosted posts, and an effective direct email campaign, that resulted in hundreds of support emails to local decision makers.

    Vox Populi also formed a community advisory board made up of a cross-section of stakeholders with varied interests. The Alameda Marina CAB worked with the developer to address concerns and resolve issues. Over a two year period, we helped reach compromises, erase misconceptions and mistruths about the project, and spotlight how the plan would transform an otherwise shuttered property into a publicly accessible waterfront showcase. The result was 30+ speakers at each approval hearing. Those supporters drove two unanimous votes for approval at the planning board and two unanimous votes at the city council.

    Today, site preparation is underway at the 44-acre property to create a new sea wall along the shoreline, housing, a waterfront park, Bay Trail connection, a working marina, and commercial space beginning in 2022. Becca continues to serve as strategic advisor to Alameda Marina Development Partners.
  • Young Ranch Community
    Vox Populi has worked for more than a decade with the owners of Young Ranch Community in Santa Clara County on a proposal that balances open space protection and species preservation with residential development. We created a a concept for the proposal centered on a conservation and preservation strategy. The communications plan included building a website and collateral, including developing video content related to habitat research. Additionally, Vox Populi helped manage government relations and drove a community engagement effort with neighbors, open space and habitat advocates, and other NGO’s. Today the project is pending as land owners continue to maintain habitat for the Bay Checkerspot Butterfly.
  • Alameda Point Site A
    Vox Populi designed and led a full-scale public affairs campaign for Alameda Point Partners' proposal for Site A at Alameda Point —setting forth plans to develop the gateway to the long-languishing former Naval Air Station in Alameda, CA. Endorsed by the Greenbelt Alliance as a "prime example of sustainable, equitable, transit-oriented development," the mixed-use plan will create walkable, transit-friendly community with new jobs, housing (including two-thirds affordable units), artisan retail, office space, parks and open space on 68 acres. Vox Populi’s efforts included community engagement, government relations and media relations, resulting in endorsements from leading Bay Area public agencies, labor unions, non-profits, business organizations, housing advocates, service clubs, and local residents and business owners. The campaign culminated in the mobilization of nearly 60 public speakers in support at the approval hearing in June. Alameda City Council ratified its June unanimous approval on July 7, 2015. The project is being developed in three, five-year phases.
  • eBay Foundation
    Becca Perata has served as strategic integrator on a range of projects across eBay's brands, including eBay Inc., PayPal and ebay Foundation. For the Foundation, Becca helped launch The Opportunity Project, a global social innovation initiative designed to support and help scale market-based approaches to providing economic opportunity in vulnerable, impoverished communities. To launch a global competition of leading, innovative social entrepreneurs, Becca created and executed an integrated internal and external communications plan that included coordinating with the company's global communications hubs and partner organization, Ashoka's Changemakers; developing messaging and press materials for the launch; and orchestrating media relations efforts with eBay's PR firm.
  • Oakland Zoo California Trail
    Vox Populi worked with Oakland Zoo to secure approvals to expand the Zoo within Knowland Park. Facing heavy opposition from neighbors and local environmental groups, we conducted mediated community meetings, door-to-door canvassing, media relations, and outreach with business and environmental leaders, resulting in unanimous approval of the California Trail Project by the Oakland City Council. 

    The California Trail is now completely constructed, including a state-of-the-art veterinary medical hospital that leads the region in research and animal care, interactive exhibits, an ecological recovery zone, play areas, urban camping and hilltop dining with views of six Bay Area counties. The final project includes a conservation easement that will permanently protect habitat in Knowland Park and has positioned the Oakland Zoo as a leader in conservation education and stewardship of the natural world.

    Vox Populi continues to serve as strategic advisor to the Oakland Zoo.



We partner with a range of clients from dogged start-ups to established large businesses and lean non-profit organizations to build a narrative that resonates with key audiences. Vox Populi has a reputation for cultivating trusted relationships with the media and stakeholder groups. We have extensive experience integrating PR into the marketing mix to create maximum awareness of a cause or brand. Whether your goal is to make news, create trends on social networks, or stay out of the headlines, Vox Populi executes campaigns that help raise awareness, manage issues, or pre-empt crisis.
Vox Populi provides issues management, strategic planning and tactical communications to meet client objectives. We leverage our deep network of resources and relationships in both the public and private sectors, to forge coalitions and build advocacy for projects and neutralize opposition. We also help businesses find opportunities to create and win support for public-private partnerships. From experience working on political campaigns, Vox Populi uses this model to organize community engagement efforts, and manage stakeholder and government relations for our clients.

By assessing the landscape, we help clients react swiftly to changing political climates and shifting public opinion.
Vox Populi has consulted with corporate communications leaders to develop strategic campaigns with both internal and external focus. Services include strategic planning, media training, employee communications, presentation materials, messaging and positioning and developing speaker's bureaus. In addition, Becca has helped businesses just starting up, or transitioning, by conducting PR agency searches and reviews.


At its core, Vox Populi is made up of a select group of talented communications professionals, and we leverage our deep network of expert partners to meet specific project goals. Together, our extended team achieves critical business objectives across many sectors.