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Vox Populi Noun (ˈväks-ˈpä-pyü-ˌlī): Latin.
The opinions or beliefs of the majority, "the people's voice"

Since 2001, Vox Populi has built results-driven campaigns for our clients. Most of our work is in land use, energy, technology, education, non-profit or political arenas. We believe that communication is an essential part of any business strategy and, when used effectively, can preserve and enhance reputations, or smoothly navigate crises.

Located in the East San Francisco Bay Area, Vox Populi works with businesses throughout the Bay Area. We help clients make (or stay out of) the headlines; secure approvals for land use projects; build coalitions to
support initiatives and ensure voices rise above the chatter.

Vox Populi is a strategic communications firm

We specialize in public relations, public affairs and corporate communications.

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Vox Populi’s team consists of a few talented communications professionals,
and we tap our network of expert partners to meet specific project goals.
Together, our extended team helps achieve the most critical business objectives.

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